" I truly think it is best to be a robin lightly dressed concocting soup inside my nest" ~Maurice Sendak

Tasty Taters

Think now.
Out of all the summer barbecues and parties you may have been to how have the potatoes been served?
I'll bet it was either baked or yet another potato salad.
This side dish is something different.

It is also extremely easy and can just sit on the top rack of the barbecue while you are grilling the meat.
This is a great dish for the cottage or camping as it just cooks in tin foil.

You can adjust the amounts here to suit however many people you are serving.
For very large crowds you may need to make multiple packages.

Layered Potatoes Package

  • sliced potatoes
  • diced red or sweet onion
  • cracked pepper
  • salt
  • dried oregano, basil and parsley
  • olive oil

Place potatoes and onion on a large piece of oiled tin foil.
Add seasonings and olive oil and toss until it is all coated.
Wrap tightly and place on grill.
Turn halfway through cooking time.
Cook until potatoes are soft and starting to brown on the edges. (You will have to undo a side to peek inside.)

Remove from foil and serve.


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